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Compress jpeg images
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Google method for image compression

Google started by taking an irregular example of 6 million 1280×720 pictures on the web. It at that point separated those into nonoverlapping 32×32 tiles and focused in on 100 of those with the most exceedingly terrible pressure proportions. The objective there, basically, was to concentrate on improving execution on the "hardest-to-pack" information, since's will undoubtedly be simpler to prevail on the rest.

The specialists at that point utilized the TensorFlow AI framework Google publicly released a year ago to prepare a lot of test neural system designs. They utilized one million stages to prepare them and afterward gathered a progression of specialized measurements to discover which preparing models delivered the best-compacted results.

At long last, their models exceeded the JPEG pressure standard's exhibition all things considered. The following test, the scientists stated, will be to beat pressure strategies got from video pressure codecs on huge pictures, becuase "they utilize deceives, for example, reusing patches that were at that point decoded." WebP, which was gotten from the VP8 video codec, is a case of such a strategy.

The scientists noted, notwithstanding, that it's not in every case simple to characterize a victor with regards to pressure execution, since specialized measurements don't generally concur with human observation.